Cyber Mentor Match Program

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The Canadian Cybersecurity Network is proud to launch our new Cyber Mentor Match Program where members can become mentors or find a mentor to help them in their career aspirations.

Our mission is to provide an engaging, empowering, inclusive and inspiring environment for the current and future generations of cybersecurity talent and businesses so this program is foundational to our mission.

A successful career in cybersecurity is not a given. From selecting a university or college, certifications, a specific role, or direction, to understanding how companies hire and what they are looking for in their candidates.

But then once hired, what’s next?

How do you succeed, get promoted, make lateral moves, continue to learn, and evolve and get through those difficult time we all face at some point in our career?

Our member network is the biggest in Canada (12,000 members) and many leaders and experts want to mentor and help grow Canada’s cyber talent.

The Cyber Mentor Match Program is there to get you on track. Become a member today to access this program.

Want to know more about our program or want to sponsor the Cyber Mentor Match Program, contact us.

Cyber Mentor Match Program