Career Tips

This is a start of a resource to help cybersecurity aspirants and job seekers, land their dream role. Over the coming weeks and months we will add more.

Career tips are provided by cybersecurity recruiters and hiring managers with years of experience. Thank you to everyone sending them in. Remember little things can throw off hiring managers and recruiters, so be thorough. 

  1. Always put your job title or the job title you are looking to land a job in, in  the title of Linkedin page or other social media feeds. It is the first thing recruiters and employers look for. Not having a title there is the #1 cardinal sin job seekers make. To find you easily, it has to be there. Remember recruiters and hiring managers are busy and usually take the easy route. Make it easy on them.
  2. Network, network and network. Of course you have heard this before, but this time network by providing value to the people you are reaching out to. Don't just ask for a job or leads, tell them a bit about yourself, why you want a career in cyber security and why you could help them or their company. Be real, direct and to the point and don't spam.
  3. Do not make spelling mistakes. Have someone review it. Employers want someone who pays attention to detail, someone who cares. Make sure you impress.

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