Our members come in every colour

Our members come in many colours. Which one are you?

Are you a blue teamer, red teamer or are you neither and prefer yellow?

Maybe you are part of the new breed of cybersecurity and are partial to green, orange, or purple.

Yellow stands for “The Builders.” This is the team responsible for developing the security system of an organization. Blue represents “The Defenders,” the group tasked with the protection of the system created by the yellow team.

Red represents “The Breakers.” They are the team commissioned to perform ethical hacking on an organization.

Green, purple, and orange symbolizes a change in mindset where the various teams work with each other to better understand how to protect networks.

There is no better colour. It is best to have as many colours, opinions and mindsets in cybersecurity to keep the world safe. Diversity, inclusiveness always wins out.

What colour are you?