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A Canadian Cybersecurity Network membership provides corporate members with the opportunity to participate and dialogue with members of the Canadian Cybersecurity Network in forums as well as post product information in our B2B library.

Business members can also post jobs at a 15% discount on our job board. They can also access advertising opportunities, sponsor blogs and in future hold online events at a discount on our platform. More business services will also be announced in the future. We encourage businesses to reach out to us with any service suggestions. Contact us

Membership fees are also a huge help to provide services and tools for our members and covers expenses across the organization so members can receive free access to the platform. Once you make your business membership payment, a representative will contact you for additional details to set up your business account.

All companies will be listed on our business supporter’s page. Show your support of cybersecurity members in Canada.  Join below:
Choose your membership type  from the two options below and become a member today. Once we receive your payment we will send you a form so we can set up a business profile.

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If you want to sponsor the Canadian Cybersecurity Network or advertise on the site, please reach out to us.