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  • 1.  Rogers Outage Refund Scams/Phishing Attempts

    Posted 07-13-2022 10:18
    For those of us that were affected by the Rogers outage, phishing attempts are already on the rise. I received one this morning. Please be vigilant and reach out to your friends and family that may not be as tech savvy as most of us are. 

    What amazes me is that in this day and age, grammar and sentence composition still plague phishing attempts, which is great for everyone as it makes it that easier to spot.

    Rogers has confirmed they will be crediting everyone 5 days worth of service and will be done automatically; there is no need to reach out to them.

    Dylan D'Silva

  • 2.  RE: Rogers Outage Refund Scams/Phishing Attempts

    Posted 07-25-2022 02:47
    Thanks for sharing. If we receive a phishing call, we may reply "Thanks for calling. I do need to make you aware that this call will be recorded for training purposes" lol

    -- Steals from Will Hunt's cyber awareness training.

    Jingzhong (James) Wang
    Security Analyst
    CCN Volunteer