Individual coaching

Looking for direction as you look to enter a career in cybersecurity. Pivoting from one industry to another – trying to figure out how to sell yourself to employers. Having trouble being promoted. Questions on certifications, education, path to take.

Maybe you are trying to make the jump to a leadership role or struggling with one aspect of your life or personality that is making it extra hard.


Coaching one of your employees

Maybe you have a superstar or up and comer struggling to get to that next level. Maybe they have a leadership blind spot you’re trying to get them to acknowledge so that they can keep progressing. 


We are here to help.

2 steps:

1- Book a 1 hour session

2- Pay for your session


Francois Guay is a certified coach, with 30 years of technology, human resource and recruiting experience who is a hundred percent focused on cybersecurity helping businesses and talent succeed. As the founder of the Canadian Cybersecurity Network, he runs Canada’s largest member network of over 20,500 members.


Francois approaches coaching on an as needed basis, so you are in control of adding more sessions or feeling that you have met your goals. No long contracts, sessions when you need as you need them. You are always in control.