Top 10 reasons to join the Canadian Cybersecurity Network

By Lea Kwon posted 04-22-2022 13:25


Canada’s largest, most inclusive network of cybersecurity professionals


Our vision is Canada as one of the most empowered, diverse, and inspired cybersecurity communities in the world. Our mission is to provide an engaging, empowering, inclusive and inspiring environment for the current and future generations of cybersecurity talent and businesses by:

  • Facilitating collaboration, innovation, and networking.
  • Increasing awareness and ability to defend.
  • Growing Canada’s cybersecurity workforce; and,
  • Championing cybersecurity excellence and potential.


It does not matter if you are not Canadian or in cybersecurity yet, if you’re interested, you’re in.

The top 10 reasons for joining are:


  1. Build your brand and your career.


Our community allows you to share knowledge, help others, seek help, showcase your skills, volunteer, and find new career opportunities.


  1. No membership fees for individual members.


Our vision was to make sure our community totally inclusive to ensure anyone can learn and get a start in cybersecurity. We did not want to impose any barriers that would potentially turn members away.


  1. Networking – grow your circle and your influence


The platform allows for peer-to-peer networking via our membership directory, built in email, a mobile app, and many ways of interacting to build relationships.


  1. Sharing – share knowledge and grow the community


Forums, numerous specialized or specific interest cybersecurity communities, libraries, blogs, allow members to immerse themselves in content they want access to, while limiting what they are not interested in.


  1. Learning – learn from others to expand your opportunities


Our members range from CEO’s, CISO’s all the way to technical experts and students to those transitioning into cybersecurity from another industry. The opportunity is there to learn from them directly and to also access material and tools on our platform that will allow to learn more about the industry, market, careers, products, industry challenges and so much more.



  1. Mentoring – mentor or be mentored to become stronger


The opportunity is there to find a mentor through our structured mentorship program or by simply clicking with someone who is willing to develop a supportive relationship with you.


  1. Careering – cybersecurity opportunities to accelerate your future


Connected to Canada’s largest and only dedicated cybersecurity job portal, we have you covered. On top of that great career resources, an amazing cyber network, and co-partnerships with industry to innovate and simplify current processes that no longer fit our digital high speed work world.


  1. Influencing – advocate for policy changes to grow and secure cybersecurity in Canada


As part of Canada’s largest cybersecurity community, we have a strong voice to influence the direction of cybersecurity initiatives across the country to ensure we meet a balanced and successful outcome.


  1. Investing – invest in talent, education, new ventures


A great opportunity to invest in your brand, your career as well as the opportunity to invest in Canadian cybersecurity talent. As a business owner you can access talent, business opportunities and leads you could never access so easily before.


  1. Communalizing – be part of a community that goes way beyond companies and is part of your long-term career.


No need to do it on your own. Companies come and go, and you will likely change employers 7 times in your career according to latest statistics, so be part of a helpful community that will share in your success, share fun and good times, and support you when you are down.