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Sit and wait recruitment is dead - new economic realities requires new approach

By Canadian Cybersecurity Network posted 10-31-2022 08:28

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Over the last two years, the cybersecurity hiring scene in North America has been one where the battle for talent has been fast paced and challenging. Salaries have escalated, with marketing roles profiting the most due to the pandemic. Employees were leaving employers after much shorter tenures and chasing significant increases and new opportunities with much more regularity.


With the economy tightening and inflation on the rise, we are now seeing as many hiring opportunities as in the past, but candidates have hunkered down and decided to weather the incoming financial storm.


It they believe their current employer is on solid financial footing, they are staying and not taking recruiter calls or searching for new opportunities. For employers with a good financial balance sheet, it’s a wonderful opportunity to communicate with their employees transparently on their financials, strategies, and path to weather the possible downturns. Be proactive, communicate and attrition will drop even further.


Some companies are struggling so hard to recruit and to re-vector during this downturn that they are unable to make decisions quickly, caught up in management paralysis and making their employees vulnerable to leaving.


For start-ups and SME’s, the pickings are slim and there are fewer active candidates. For you it’s important to tune up your recruiting strategy and focus on your core brand strength (why someone should truly work for you (product, management, financials, opportunity, etc.) and reach out directly to candidates. The sit and wait approach to recruitment is dead. You need to get out and wade  in the pool to find the right candidates.


Most organizations do not believe they can afford a search partner or very experienced recruiter, but in these times not getting one may lead to your downfall.


Might be time to pull the trigger.

Francois Guay - Owner, Francois Guay and Associates
Founder, Canadian Cybersecurity Network