1. Why should I become a member of the network?

  • Networking – grow your circle and your influence
  • Sharing – share knowledge and grow the community
  • Learning – learn from others to expand your opportunities
  • Mentoring – mentor or be mentored to become stronger
  • Careering – cybersecurity opportunities to accelerate your future
  • Influencing – advocate for policy changes to grow and secure cybersecurity in Canada
  • Investing – invest in talent, education, new ventures
  • Communalizing – be part of a community that goes way beyond companies
  • The biggest cybersecurity network in Canada
  • Canada’s largest cybersecurity job board
  • A mobile app for always at fingertip access
  • Dynamic community forums
  • Distinct knowledge libraries
  • Sub specialized communities (i.e.: Cyber Vets, Women in Cyber, etc.)
  • Member directory – peer to peer networking
  • B2B and B2C opportunities
  • Cybersecurity job board
  • Blogs and news
  • and so much more

2. What is the cost of becoming a member?

We believe that membership should be free to individual members. Many are students, have limited funds, are busy raising families and buying homes. There should never be a cost to coming home. We want the Canadian Cybersecurity Network to be your home, your place of refuge to recharge, re-ignite and accelerate your career. Businesses have to pay a yearly membership fee so they can access B2B, discounts on the job portal and showcase their products and services, while supporting our members.

3. How do I become a member?

Visit here and select the membership that best suits you.

4. Who can become a Canadian Cybersecurity Network member?

Anyone, can become a member as we value ourselves on being inclusive. We are on a mission to help Canada grow its cybersecurity talent and business base. If you are interested in cybersecurity as a potential career, want to find work, are coming to Canada to live, want to learn about threats and malware or run or want to start a cyber business, join us. It is important that you adhere to the Code of Conduct and any other community guidelines that are set when you become a member.

5. Can businesses join the network?

Yes, businesses can join the network but must pay a membership fee of $250 a year for an SMB (less than 100 employees) or $500 for companies over a 100 employees. This will allow a 15% discount on job postings to Canada’s largest job board as well as the opportunity for possible discounts on advertising. It will also give businesses the opportunity to participate in B2B initiatives. Fees for non-profits will be waived as appropriate. Join here.

6. If I do not live in Canada, can I become a member?

Absolutely, we want anyone interested in cybersecurity or in the Canadian cybersecurity market to be able to become a member. Our network is about growing Canadian cybersecurity talent and knowledge, so if you are interested in possibly relocating to Canada, starting a business in Canada, or just participating in an active dynamic community please feel free to join.

7. What kind of memberships are there?

As noted above there are individual memberships which are free and business memberships.

8. How long is the membership valid for?

Individual memberships are forever. We want you to be part of the family, there will never be a need to pay membership fees. Businesses must renew every calendar year.

9. Can I advertise on the Canadian Cybersecurity Network?

Absolutely, we offer various opportunities contact here

10. Can I post jobs to members?

Yes, we have a job portal where you can post jobs so our members can access them. The job portal is also visible to the whole world as well and advertising and reach outs are constant to the global cybersecurity and IT community.

11. Can I sponsor the organization?

Absolutely please visit our sponsorship page and or contact here

If you need more information, please reach out to us, we will do our best to get back to you within 24 hours.